Hidden Dreams, first free DLC for Hollow Knight, now out

Hollow Knight [Official Site] is among my favorite games this year. The MetroidVania doesn’t really do anything groundbreaking within its genre, but what it does, it does very well: it oozes charm and detail, with a melancholic atmosphere of ruin and decay, and pairs that with some of the tightest gameplay and boss fights I’ve seen in the genre. It’s great news, then, that the devs have just released the first of three planned free content packs, Hidden Dreams.

You can check out the full patchnotes here, but there are, essentially, three big additions: an upgrade to your Nail, Dream Gate, which will allow you to quickly travel from one location in Hallownest to the other; two new optional bosses, with appropriate rewards and accompanying song tracks; and a new, hidden and special Stag Nest that you can now find. The content is accessible at any point in the game, whether you’re starting afresh or have an old save to re-visit.

I personally opted for starting a new save, this time in the Steel Soul difficulty. Wish me luck.

Accompanying it is a third-off sale on Steam and GOG, knocking the price down to USD 9.89 or whatever your regional pricing places it at.


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