At Vox Ludicus, our mission is the thoughtful coverage of independent PC games, a niche that’s wider than one would imagine – with variation within it that you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere – and that doesn’t have nearly as much coverage as we wanted it to. Seeing ourselves confronted with a lack of information on many games we found interesting (and many more we never heard of), the solution was to start writing about them ourselves.

While we place an emphasis on independent games, we will every now and then talk about their wealthier, triple-A siblings – they can be interesting and innovative on occasion, after all. We would also like Vox Ludicus to double as a platform for indie developers to showcase their games, so if you’re a developer or publisher and would like to show us your latest work, feel free to send us a message (keep in mind that we cover PC games only, however).


The Vox Ludicus Team


Logo: Red (Transistor) done by illustrative designer Michael Myers. His work can be found at drawsgood.

Your freedom of speech is moderately moderated (no racism, sexism or other things of the sort)

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