Norman’s Sky

War. War never changes. After shooting my way through a few hours of New World Interactive’s take on World War II, I am glad they didn’t change it. What started off as a total conversion mod on the popular modern-military shooter Insurgency, quickly grew into a standalone release on Steam. Priced at $19.99 USD, Day of Infamy sticks to its guns by providing a multiplayer experience that doesn’t stray away from the beaten path provided by classic FPS games such as Day of Defeat and Red Orchestra. As a result, the game feels polished and provides an enjoyable and tense multiplayer experience. Continue reading “Norman’s Sky”


First Impressions: Phantom Brave

Phantom Brave can hardly be described as a new game, its first release coming out over twelve years ago for the PlayStation 2, but this week marks its first foray onto the PC – hooray! – with all the goodies that twelve years and several different versions entails. I’ve played it a bit and decided it’d be best to bring you the word before I finish and review the game, because it seems that actually beating it will take a decent while. Continue reading “First Impressions: Phantom Brave”

A Noob’s view on Stellaris’ Tutorial

So it has come to down to this. The other day, Francisco managed to convince me to try out the upcoming grand strategy game by Paradox Interactive, Stellaris. Whilst I haven’t been a big fan of grand strategy games in the past, I decided to throw my inhibitions about the game out the window and give it a good old try. My fear of getting perplexed by the daunting scale of the task at hand were soon put to ease by the brilliant tutorial system and gradual learning curve. Continue reading “A Noob’s view on Stellaris’ Tutorial”

The Hungry Games

I know what you’re thinking. Another rushed early access game on steam = Skip. I must stop you right there. Although The Culling may look like a generic battle royale type game, once you delve deeper into the game, you realize that it is much more than that. ‘The Culling’ by Xaviant games is a stand alone entry into the battle royale genre. This is a great game for learning about friendship and betrayal. Nothing screams life lesson like the guy that you just helped turning around and stabbing you right in your heart. A great educational game for adults who want to find out what the corporate world is like. Continue reading “The Hungry Games”

Living life a quarter mile at a time

A couple days ago, the people over at the Humble Bundle finally dropped their monthly bundle. There were a few standout games that caught my eye but I will be honest, Switchcars was not one of those games. However, once I decided to load up this ‘vehicular rogue-like’ game, I was pleasantly surprised. It was like finding that elusive piece of pizza that had been sitting at the back of the fridge for days, sure I was hesitant to try it at first, but after going for it, I was glad I did. Continue reading “Living life a quarter mile at a time”

There’s a fungus among us: Mushroom 11 germinates on Steam on the 15th

We eat them, we use them as dyes and medicine has evolved by leaps and bounds in no small part because of them (among other less orthodox uses) – and now, we get to play them. Mushroom 11 is a puzzle platformer where you play a blob of fungal growth, and it sprouts onto Steam on the 15th of October. I’ve had my hands on it for a few days and have played a couple of its chapters, so I’ll give you the lowdown on this indie platformer. Continue reading “There’s a fungus among us: Mushroom 11 germinates on Steam on the 15th”

Play the pathfinder in Expand, minimalist maze game

From the menus to the gameplay and soundtrack, I quickly saw Expand was a unique game. Your objective is to guide a pink square through a shifting labyrinth, avoiding obstacles as you would in a slower Super Hexagon, accompanied by a soothing piano track, which accompanies the difficulty set by the maze and appropriately increases in tempo as you weave yourself through the level’s unobtrusive hazards. Continue reading “Play the pathfinder in Expand, minimalist maze game”