Review: Starbound

This darling indie sandbox with a rocky Early Access career has finally seen the light of 1.0 and well… has been met with some ups and downs from both fans and newcomers alike. Starbound is a game that caught my eye more than a year and a half ago with a short video of some gameplay and some music. Though I won’t talk about that, since the game is in 1.0 and in that sense a lot has changed.
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Review: Duskers

Brendan had just finished docking into the generator and powering up the adjacent rooms. Jeff, having successfully towed the shut down carcass of Sarah back onto the ship, waited patiently as the others finished rounding up fuel and materials from the derelict station. Having lured a detected hostile into a room with automated defenses that Jeff had previously turned on, I figured I should send Ethan back into that room to recover whatever the deceased hostile had on its body. I told him to run the motion sensors one more time – everything seemed to be fine, the room as sterile as only space can be. I toggled myself back to the layout interface, input the command for Brendan and Jeff to return to our ship and told Ethan to navigate to the room with the deceased hostile. We came in three and went back in two, because to the turret I forgot to deactivate, Ethan was as much an intruder as the alien. Continue reading “Review: Duskers”

Fabular, a game about many things

Few games have a one-line summary that describes them as ‘a medieval space folktale with action-RPG and roguelike influences’, and Fabular [Kickstarter Page][Official Site] is one of them. I don’t know what’s up with the whole trend of taking a bunch of genres and smashing them together, but this time around we have a game that also coalesces different settings into a single entity. While only time will tell if this works, there’s one thing that Fabular clearly has going for it already: the artstyle. Continue reading “Fabular, a game about many things”

A Noob’s view on Stellaris’ Tutorial

So it has come to down to this. The other day, Francisco managed to convince me to try out the upcoming grand strategy game by Paradox Interactive, Stellaris. Whilst I haven’t been a big fan of grand strategy games in the past, I decided to throw my inhibitions about the game out the window and give it a good old try. My fear of getting perplexed by the daunting scale of the task at hand were soon put to ease by the brilliant tutorial system and gradual learning curve. Continue reading “A Noob’s view on Stellaris’ Tutorial”

Review: Stellaris

It took little more than fifty years for me to establish galactic supremacy as the Igarian Galactic Assembly. A military republic of religious, long-living felines, it was my manifest destiny to hold political and military sway over the other space-faring peoples. True, I may have shared technology with underdeveloped civilizations with the sole intent of having them as march-states against other, growing empires; and my sprawling web of vassals was mostly the fruit of military intervention, rather than voluntary co-operation; but as a xenophile I never enslaved or exterminated an alien species, even when they were little more than over-sized, rebellious ants, and when the Gold Concordat threatened to expand into my circle of influence I, instead of crushing them, joined their alliance and, as its strongest member, pushed a vote to transform it into the Bright Concord, a pan-species federation where all those willing to work had a place. Continue reading “Review: Stellaris”

4X meets CCG in GalaCollider, up on Kickstarter

GalaCollider is now on its third day of kickstarter looking to gather USD 70,000, and is calling itself a free-to-play “expandable card game meets 4X”. The kickstarter page lists as its main features asymmetrical factions, simultaneous turns and a story that is said to evolve and change according to player interactions, event outcomes and tournaments. Continue reading “4X meets CCG in GalaCollider, up on Kickstarter”

Review: RymdResa

Orbiting Earth in the spaceship, I saw how beautiful our planet is. People, let us preserve and increase this beauty, not destroy it!

That sentence is credited to cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the first human to go to space. RymdResa begins with a cosmonaut who, much like Yuri Gagarin, sailed alone into space. There were no people to receive his messages, no control center in Krasnoznamensk or Houston to guide him as he ventured into the final frontier, however, as he was the last man of a planet which has ceased to exist. Continue reading “Review: RymdResa”